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Kodi Ultrabond 15 ml + Nail Fresher 15 ml + Base 8 ml + Top 8 ml

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Ultrabond - This a means is a primer does not contain methacrylic acid. Ultrabond safer for natural nails than acid-containing agents. Ultrabond is practically odorless and lets not to burn natural nail plate and cuticles. Ultrabond tool is ideal for use in both the gel and in acrylic systems. Economically spent and provides a simple and convenient nail modeling.
Tips off  - Liquid for removal of artificial nails (acrylic, gel nail polish) - Dissolves acrylic for 20 minutes (gel polish - 10 min.) After removing the nail is recommended to apply oil on your nails and rub thoroughly, as the natural nail exposed to severe dehydration.
Cleanser - Liquid for removal of the tackiness remaining after soaking the gel under UV systems.
Primer - Made on based on methacrylic acid. Apply only on the natural nail in a small amount, not touching the skin round a nail before applying artificial materials for nail. It does not harm the nail plate. Provides strong adhesion to the natural nail plate with artificial material.
Nail fresher -  Kodi-Viable option for manicure and pedicure. Length of blades is 14-15 mm. Nail fresher - cleans and dehydrogenated (dries) nail plate, works only in the upper layers of the natural nail. Used only on the natural nail before applying any artificial surfaces. Does not harm the nail plate.

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