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Lianail Fix-geller Base No Sticky 10 ml

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Lianail Fix-geller Base No Sticky 10 ml

Special basis for work with wow-pigments. Its soft flexible texture makes it easy to apply and rub the pigment of small or large grinding in a few seconds. Fix-geller securely fixes the pigment on the nail plate, allowing it to polish the surface until it gets the desired shine, and prevents it from crawling behind the brush when coated with the top. Without any residual stickiness.

Instructions for application:

1. Apply gel polish as a substrate for pigment. Dry 2-3 minutes in UV lamp, 30-60 s - in LED.

2. Apply Fix-geller for pigments. Dry 2-3 minutes in UV lamp, 60-90 s in LED.

3. Apply the pigment with the applicator. Gradually distribute the pigment by rubbing movement from the nail center to the edges. Then polish the surface with intense movements.

4. Apply two layers of the new gel polish top with a sticky layer and be sure to seal the ends to avoid chipping and cracking.

Dry each layer 2-3 minutes in UV lamp, 30-60 s - in LED.

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