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Lianail Easily Soluble Base 10 ml

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Lianail Easily Soluble Base 10 ml

The base for gel polish is a key element in nail polish coating. It depends on the base wear of nails, their solubility in acetone-containing fluids and much more. Yes, almost everything depends on the base!

This base from LIANAIL is easily soluble. It is recommended to be used for those masters who choose the method of removing gel-varnish - soaking in acetone-containing liquid.

By using this base for gel-varnish, you will easily be able to dissolve many hard-to-soluble color gel varnishes.

Despite the fact that this base for gel-varnish is soluble, it has a fairly dense consistency, thanks to which you can easily do the alignment of the nail plate, fill it irregularities caused by injuries. It is allowed to apply the base in several layers in the case of problematic, layers of the client’s nails for additional strengthening.

The socket time of this base is 2 weeks. Then you need to make a correction.

Soaking time depends on the gel polish remover used.

Approximate soaking time - 10 minutes.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for using this database:

We do high-quality manicures the usual way.

Buff remove the glossy layer from the nails (to improve the grip base with the nail).

Carefully scrub the dust with a brush and apply a degreaser, dry in the air for 3-5 seconds (to clean the nail plate from fat and dirt).

Apply primer, dry in the air for 1 minute (for a firm grip base with nail).

Apply the first layer of the base for gel varnish with a thin layer. Dry in UV lamp 2 minutes, in LED - 30 seconds.

Apply the second layer of the base for gel polish, leveling the nail plate. Sushi in UV lamp 2 minutes, in LED - 30 seconds.

Gel varnish is applied with thin layers. Seal the ends to avoid chipping and detachment. Dry each layer in UV lamp 2-3 minutes, in LED lamp - 30-60 seconds.

We apply a finish layer for gel polish, sealing the ends. Sushi in UV lamp 2-3 minutes, in LED lamp - 30-60 seconds. Remove the dispersion layer with a liquid to remove the sticky layer.

Moisturize the skin around the nails with cuticle oil.

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