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Lianail Academy Extra Rubber Base 10 ml

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Lianail Academy Extra Rubber Base 10 ml

Bases and tops are important components of the three-phase coating. Lianail therefore releases a separate collection of bases and tops in the Lianail ACADEMY range.

So that each master can choose a convenient consistency base.

To not be limited to the classic glossy top, and chose the finish coating depending on the intended design.

Large selection of bases and tops;

For long lasting manicure;

Convenient packaging formats

Often the choice of the base cover depends on the structure of the nail plate, even more often - on the skills of the master. For example, it is easier for beginners to work with thick bases, and pros can easily cope with a liquid base that does not weigh the nail.

Lianail has developed the symbols to help the nail masters stay clear of the collection’s variety and make a choice.

The density of the bases varies:

Liquid consistency (one point per bottle);

Medium consistency (two points);

Thick consistency (three points);

Extra rubber (four points);

Each database is applied in a specific case;

Thin coating saves time when removing;

For uniform coating;

To align the nail plate;

Leveling, suitable for donating.

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