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Kodi UV Gel Luxe Clear 28 ml

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Kodi UV Gel Luxe Clear 28 ml

UV Gel Kodi Luxe Clear 28 ml



UV Gel KODI Luxe Clear gel is a rubbery, crystal-clear liquid single-phase biogel.

It is used to strengthen the natural nail plate, and can also be used to model short nails (the length of the free edge should not exceed one-third of the natural nail plate).

Has high plasticity, and self-leveling. It has high adhesion properties with the surface of a natural nail and contains special fibers for additional strengthening of the gel structure.

Overcoat with this Rubber Top Gel or Base/Top 2-in-1 for a perfect shine.
The big advantage of this gel is its ability to dissolve in Tips Off KODI professional artificial nail remover.

When working with UV Gel KODI Luxe Clear gel, each layer of the gel should be dried in a 36-watt UV lamp for 2 minutes, in LED - 30 seconds.
The recommended storage temperature for this gel is +4 to 10ºС without direct sunlight.

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