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Achieve a Perfect Finish with Jerden Proff Top Coat


Elevate your nail art game with Jerden Proff Top Coat, a must-have product for nail technicians. This top coat is specially formulated to provide a flawless finish to your nail designs. Whether you're creating intricate nail art or applying a classic polish, the Jerden Proff Top Coat adds a glossy shine and seals in your masterpiece.


Long-Lasting Brilliance


Say goodbye to chipped or dull nails. Our top coat not only offers an immediate shine but also ensures long-lasting brilliance. Your clients will adore the durability and shine that lasts for weeks. Trust Jerden Proff to keep your nail creations looking fresh and vibrant.


Professional-Grade Protection


Protect your hard work and creativity with Jerden Proff Top Coat. Its professional-grade formula acts as a shield, guarding your nail designs from daily wear and tear. Ensure your clients leave your salon with stunning nails that stay flawless and vibrant.