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Kodi Sparkle Gel № 04, 4 ml

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Kodi Sparkle Gel


Magically shimmering textures for nails today are more relevant than ever and are appropriate not only in festive but also in everyday design.
Kodi Professional presents the trendy line of Sparkle decorative coatings, designed to create a variety of truly shining, luxurious designs.
The line includes gel polishes, gel, and top with sequins.

Sparkle design gel will not only transform the design, giving it shiny accents but also strengthen the nail plate.
The product is a combination of transparent modeling gel and medium-sized golden foil glitter that provides a distinct shimmer.
The standard application technology (base/gel/top) makes the gel easy to use and allows you to use it in designs of different levels of complexity.
If necessary, the gel is applied in 2-3 layers.

The recommended polymerization time of one thin layer in a UV lamp is 2 minutes, in an LED lamp - 30 seconds

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