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Kodi Romantic Nude № 09 RN, 7ml

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Kodi Romantic Nude № 09 RN, 7ml

Kodi Romantic Nude № 09 RN, 7ml

"rose quartz"



Romantic nude collection are light, romantic, translucent gel polishes that captivate with their airy texture and create a special mood. The collection is distinguished by the most delicate pastel palette. You can use them under a jacket and independently. It is the best choice for all lovers of classic and elegant shades.


Polymerization of gel polish: 30 seconds in a LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp.


Сolor difference reason:

- we don't accept client complaints about color differences, if you don't accept, please don't buy from our store.

- our picture is 100% real, but we can not promise what everybody sees are same as the real picture

1. every display resolution is different 

2. outdoor light and indoor light are different


3. different layers having a difference

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