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Kodi "Pink Silk" №02 PS, 7 ml

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Kodi "Pink Silk" №02 PS, 7 ml

Kodi "Pink Silk" №02 PS, 7 ml

the most delicate shade of pink lavender with cool notes of sophistication


We know how to notice the beauty in small things, and it is this that becomes the inspiration for creating new, aesthetic collections of decorative coatings.
Gel polishes from the Pink Silk series embody the elegance of thin pink silk, which conquers the sophistication of its structure.

Gel polishes are densely pigmented, do not spread, and apply well in two thin layers.

The bottles are equipped with a brush of perfect shape, length, and elasticity to guarantee a neat and even application.

It is recommended to apply gel polish in two thin layers.
Polymerization: in a UV lamp — 2 minutes, in an LED lamp — 30-60 seconds.


Сolor difference reason:

- we don't accept client complaints about color differences, if you don't accept, please don't buy from our store.

- our picture is 100% real, but we can not promise what everybody sees are same as the real picture

1. every display resolution is different 

2. outdoor light and indoor light are different


3. different layers having a difference

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