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Kodi Gel Polish "Moon Light" № 782, 8 ml

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Kodi Gel Polish "Moon Light" № 782, 8 ml

Kodi Gel Polish "Moon Light" № 782, 8 ml


The palette of magnetic gel polishes "Moon light" is presented in saturated deep shades with an exquisite effect of "moonlight" reflection on the surface. The balanced composition of gel varnishes contains metalized particles and pigments, due to which the density of the coating and the intensity of light refraction in the place of glare are ensured. The consistency of the material allows you to create a strong and elastic polymer coating, resistant to the formation of chips and detachments, without color irregularities. A fine dispersion of metalized powder provides a natural glare and a soft shimmer of the coating.


Application technique:
- A thin layer of Rubber Base is applied to the prepared nail plate and polymerized in a UV and LED lamp for 30 - 60 seconds.
- After that, two layers of gel polish from the "Moon light" collection are applied with the polymerization of each layer.
- Before drying, the surface of each layer of magnetic gel polish must be affected by a special Kodi magnet so that the reflection is brighter.
- The applied gel varnish coating is fixed with the Rubber Top finishing top and polymerized in a lamp.

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