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Kodi "Diamond Sky" №04 DS, 7 ml

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Kodi "Diamond Sky" №04 DS, 7 ml

Kodi "Diamond Sky" №04 DS, 7 ml

transparent gel polish with shimmering gold particles


The Diamond Sky collection of shimmering gel polishes from the Kodi Professional brand features a holographic glow that attracts the eye.
Masters fell in love with the series due to its ease of application, durability, abundance of shimmering pigments, and beautiful effect on nails, due to which gel polishes from the Diamond Sky series can be used for nail art.


The collection of Diamond Sky gel polishes hypnotizes with luxurious shimmer.
A transparent base, densely saturated with reflective glitter in different shades, creates a hologram scattering of diamonds on your nails. The night sky shimmers so inspiringly when you dream. The dawn shines so brightly when dreams come true ...


Diamond Sky gel polishes are ideal for your nail art experiments. They are able to add magic to any, even the most strict image. Can be used on its own or in combination with a colored backing. They look especially beautiful in combination with a deep dark color substrate.


It is recommended to uniformly cover with two thin layers with polymerization of each layer in a UV lamp - 2 minutes, in a LED lamp - 30 seconds.


Сolor difference reason:

- we don't accept client complaints about color differences, if you don't accept, please don't buy from our store.

- our picture is 100% real, but we can not promise what everybody sees are same as the real picture

1. every display resolution is different 

2. outdoor light and indoor light are different


3. different layers having a difference

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