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Gel Polish № 01 LCA, 8 ml

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Limited Collection Autumn
Gel Polish № 01 LCA in a muffled crimson shade.

Gel Polish № 10 LCA has a carmine-red hue.

Gel Polish № 20 LCA - garnet.

Gel Polish № 30 LCA has a smoky-old shade.

Gel Polish № 40 LCA in a lilac-blue shade.

Gel Polish № 50 LCA has a muffled plum shade.

Gel Polish № 60 LCA is presented in a deep eggplant shade

Gel Polish № 70 LCA is presented in a dark jade shade..
This collection, by analogy with the main collection, is made using a completely new formula, with the result that gel varnishes are easy and convenient to use, and a dense, saturated and uniform color of the coating is achieved in just two layers of application. Amenable to drying in lamps of all kinds. After polymerization gel varnishes create a texture of enamel.
Сolor difference reason:

we don't accept client complaint color difference ,if you don't accept ,please don't buy from our store .


our picture are 100% real ,but we can not promise what every body see are same as the real picture

1.every display resolution is different 
2. outdoor light and indoor light is different
3.different layer have difference
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