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Kodi QF2 Finish UV Gel 8 ml
Kodi UV Gel Base gel 10 ml
Kodi UV Gel Base gel 28 ml
Kodi UV Prima Clear Builder 14 ml
Kodi UV Prima Clear Builder 28 ml
Kodi UV Prima Clear Builder 45 ml
Kodi Prima White Builder Gel 14 ml
Kodi Prima White Builder Gel 28 ml

Kodi Professional's Three-Phase Gel revolutionizes nail extensions with its innovative technology, allowing for flawless artistry and the perfect application of Kodi Base UV Gel.


A Symphony of Strength and Flexibility


Our Professional's Three-Phase Gel system offers a unique gel system for nail extensions, providing strength and flexibility. It consists of three phases: base, builder, and top, ensuring a secure bond with natural nails, precision sculpting, shaping, and extending nails, and a protective layer for longevity and lustre.


Sculpting Perfection with Kodi Base UV Gel


Kodi Base UV Gel, part of the Three-Phase Gel system, is a versatile tool for flawless nail extension. It harmonizes with the builder phase, allowing nail technicians and enthusiasts to create stunning extensions effortlessly. Our commitment to empowering nail artists with top-tier products ensures effortless sculpting and long-lasting extensions.


Our Three-Phase Gel system enhances nail extension application with Kodi Base UV Gel, transforming artistic aspirations into awe-inspiring realities. This innovative system combines strength and artistry, transforming nail extensions into awe-inspiring realities.