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Kodi Cold gel Natural Peach 15 ml

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Kodi Cold gel Natural Peach 15 ml

Kodi Cold gel Natural Peach 15 ml



Three-phase modeling cold gel from the popular brand Kodi Professional is the best solution for strengthening, modeling, and leveling natural nails.
Also suitable for cutting-free techniques.
The medium-viscous consistency is easy to work with, making it easier for the master to create beautiful, strong nails without shrinkage.
The gel has good thixotropy and low exothermic reaction, ensuring that the client does not feel any discomfort or burning when drying.

How to use: Before applying the gel, it is recommended to thinly apply the base gel.
Polymerization of each layer in a UV lamp - 2 minutes, in an LED lamp - 30 seconds.

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