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FOX Base Dofamin 2.0 007 10 ml

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FOX Base Dofamin 2.0 007 10 ml

Dofamin 2.0 is a vibrant updated collection of colored base coats.

These bases have dense pigmentation, they look amazing on the nails. Can be used alone or in combination with other gel polishes. Dofamin 2.0 is a modern replacement for full coverage. The bases are perfectly self-leveling and have an average stiffness. It is easy to create different designs with them.

It is recommended to apply on a substrate with a transparent base.





    1. Apply degreasing agent Nail Prep from F.O.X to the damaged surface of the nail;

    2. Apply Ultra Bond by F.O.X — an acid-free primer for better adhesion;

    3. Before applying Dofamin 2.0, it is recommended to apply a base;

    4. Apply Dofamin 2.0 in one or two layers, polymerize in a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes, 36/48W LED/UV lamp for 60 seconds;

The nail is ready to be covered with gel polish or top.

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