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FOX SHOT Base Cat Eye 005 5 g

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FOX SHOT Base Cat Eye 005 5 g

Base Cat Eye is a collection of bases that will allow you to create a coating with a "cat's eye" effect on the nails. The palette includes 5 luxurious shades. Bases contain metallized particles. So, with the help of a magnet, the master will be able to easily create magical highlights on the nails. Without the use of a magnet, a beautiful shimmering glow is obtained. During the application of the base using the laying technique, a special deep shine and crystal effect is created.

Bases look great as stand-alone colors and are a modern replacement for full coverage. They are perfectly self-leveling, have an average consistency. It is easy to create a wide variety of designs with them.

Base Cat Eye should be applied on an elastic base.





    1. Apply degreasing agent Nail Prep from F.O.X to the damaged surface of the nail;

    2. Apply Ultra Bond by F.O.X — an acid-free primer for better adhesion;

    3. Apply a substrate - elastic base coat F.O.X, dry in a lamp;

    4. Apply Base Cat Eye in 1 layer and use a magnet to form a reflection. Dry in a lamp: UV lamp 36W — 1 min., LED lamp 36/48W — 1 min.;

    5. Apply a finishing coating - any top from TM F.O.X to choose from. Polymerize in a lamp.


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