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E.MiLac Velvet Top Gel 9 ml

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E.MiLac Velvet Top Gel 9 ml

E.MiLac Velvet Top Gel is an innovative tool for fixing the design or color coating on the nail plate. The basic tool for every master in the nyle industry. Noble matt effect is retained on the coating for up to 2 weeks.

Special - high-quality formula protects the coating from aggressive external factors, prevents the splitting and chipping of the nail plate. The color cover with the top is worn much longer, up to about 2 weeks, without losing its groomed appearance. Easily removed with a special liquid or device.

Instructions for use:

1. Prepare the nail plate to create manicure/pedicure.
2. Apply the primer for additional coupling with artificial material.
3. Evenly cover the nail plate with the base coating for gel-varnish and dry in the manicure lamp.
4. Apply gel polish or gel in several layers for a perfectly saturated color. After the first and second layers dry in the lamp.
5. Reinforce the surface of the uniform layer of the top E.MiLac Velvet Top Gel and dry in the manicure lamp.
6. Apply oil or cuticle cream to moisturize after the procedure.

Removal technology:

1. Remove the top covering with a device or a file.
2. Apply a special remover to the cotton pads. Attach to each nail and attach with foil/lining.
3. Leave for 8-10 minutes.
4. Alternately remove the linings from each nail and remove the coating.


     - Soft and velvety to the touch.

     - Has no dispersion layer (sticky layer). 

     - Suitable for light and dark coatings. 

     - The best price on top E.MiLac Velvet Top Gel.

     - Safe components in the composition do not damage the natural nail and do not exert additional pressure. 

     - A convenient bottle and brush that evenly distributes the product over the surface without much effort. 

Suitable for beginners and professionals: 

     - Can be used at home. 

     - Prevents chipping and scratches on the coating. 

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