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E.MiLac Gel Finish Top 50 g

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E.MiLac Gel Finish Top 50 g

The protective gel glossy Finish Gel from the brand E.Mi is a means for creating a glossy finish coating on the nail plate with diamond glow.

This product has a liquid consistency, so the coating layer is produced very thin. The gel dries very quickly. One minute under ultraviolet light is enough. Due to its composition, the gel does not jump and does not sag on the nail plate.The protective layer covers the upper layer of the nail polish, and so prolongs the life of manicure and pedicure.

Finish Gel protection gloss gel instruction:

1. Prepare the nail for work (opiate, cuticle, degreasing)

2. Do all the work with base, cover

3. Apply the gel paint on the surface of the nail plate

4. Create the right nail design

5. Dry in the lamp 2 minutes

6. Coat with Finish Gel Protective Gloss Gel

7. Dry the layer in the lamp up to 2 minutes (time can be reduced if you have LED/CCFL lamp)

Advantages of the Finish Gel:

     - Price of Finish Gel from E.Mi brand

     - Quick drying

     - Liquid consistency

     - Economical in consumption

     - Convenient bottle with brush

     - Gives the nail a diamond shine

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