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E.MiLac Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel 15 ml

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E.MiLac Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel 15 ml

The base of E.MiLac Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel from E.Mi is a tool for modeling nail plates, so that the further coating is smooth and smooth. Most often this base is used for flat nails, as well as in cases where the nails are completely worn.

The product by consistency and viscosity is very thick, so it is convenient to model the shape of the nail. This is an excellent tool for strengthening and shaping concave, problem nail plates.

The surface of the nail after applying the base is flexible and elastic, which prevents possible chipping later on the manicure. This base extends your manicure to four weeks.

How to use E.MiLac Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel:

1. Before working with the set should be a standard preparation of the nail plate.

2. Coating base for gel polish. Apply a uniform layer and distribute over the entire surface. Dry in manicure lamp. For power 36W - 2 minutes, 36/48W - 1 minute.

3. Apply a uniform layer of gel-varnish to the nail plate and distribute the brush. Dry in the manicure lamp.

4. Strengthen the coating with a gel top and dry in the manicure lamp.

5. Apply oil or cuticle cream to moisturize after the procedure. 

Advantages of E.MiLac Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel:


     - High viscosity;

     - High strength;

     - Price Base E.MiLac Sculpt-Maxi Base Gel;

     - Low product consumption;

     - Self-modeling;

     - Strengthening of the nail plate.

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