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E.MiLac Base Gel 30 ml

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E.MiLac Base Gel 30 ml

E.MiLac Base Gel from the brand E.Mi is a tool for creating a persistent manicure. This base creates a solid foundation for further impact on the nail plate.

The base not only creates the basis for further manicure, but also restores the nail plate and strengthens the nail. After applying the base plate becomes more firm and flexible, allowing you to create any design. The gel protects the nail from penetration and absorption of the colored pigment.  At the same time, the base itself has a saturated color, even after the first application. On the surface of the nail creates a pleasant glossy effect.

Application Instruction:

1. Before working with the set should be a standard preparation of the nail plate.

2. Coating base for gel polish. Apply a uniform layer and distribute over the entire surface. Dry in manicure lamp. For power 36W - 2 minutes, 36/48W - 1 minute.

3. Apply a uniform layer of gel-varnish to the nail plate and distribute the brush. Dry in the manicure lamp.

4. Strengthen the coating with a gel top and dry in the manicure lamp.

5. Apply oil or cuticle cream to moisturize after the procedure. 

Due to the desired consistency, the mixture does not spread and does not jump near the base of the cuticle. During application, the mixture is self-levelling on the base, making the process of working with it fast and easy.

Gel is suitable for any type of nail (including thin and brittle). But you can work with this mixture only on natural nails.

Advantages of the base:

     - Price Base E.MiLac Base Gel

     - Dense, even and intense color

     - One layer is enough

     - Good consistency

     - Glossy coating

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