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EDLEN French Base №30 30 ml

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EDLEN French Base №30 30 ml

French base Edlen – camouflage, high-quality Edlen bases with pigment,
which saves the procedure time of every master of nail aesthetics.

The French Edlen base is a premium raw material of medium density and hardness.
Thanks to the unique rubber-based formula, Edlen camouflage bases are versatile.
The ideal concentration of pigment in Edlen bases allows you to cover the natural nail plate well.
The foundations have a self-leveling consistency and are very convenient to work with.

French basic Edlen application technology
-Carry out the standard preparation of the nail: remove the previous coating, polish the surface,
 give the nails the desired shape and make a manicure.
-After that, it is recommended to clean the nail plate with Edlen Prep&Finish 3 in 1 degreaser.
-Apply an even layer of Edlen French base to the nail and dry in a UV lamp for 90 seconds,
  in a Led/hybrid lamp for 60 seconds. Pigmentation can be controlled with a thin layer of foundations
  that can be applied before leveling and dried in a lamp.
-Apply Edlen topcoat and dry in a UV lamp - 180 s, in a Led/Hybrid lamp - 120 s.
 When using Top Rubber Edlen, remove the sticky layer with Prep&Finish 3 in 1 Edlen.

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