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DARK Top Shine 5, 8 ml

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DARK Top Shine 5, 8 ml

Dark Top Shine is a sequined finish that will give a brighter and more festive look to your design!

  Advantage of DARK products:

-     has a comfortable, reasonably dense consistency;
-     contains a large amount of microglyter;
-     is characterized by increased shine and shine;
-     works on light and dark gel lacquers.



Application technology DARK:


    1. Shape the fingernails and treat the cuticle with a remover.
    2. Move the softened cuticle with an orange stick and remove with manicure scissors or wire cutters.
    3. Using a hairless napkin, clean the nail plate with a degreaser.
    4. Use the primer.
    5. Put the base on the nail plate.
    6. Cover your nails according to your chosen design.
    7. At the final stage, place the Dark Top on the base or on the color coating.
    8. Dry it in the lamp.
    9. Remove the residual stickiness.
    10. Treat the skin with cuticle oil.

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