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DARK PRO Base №16, 30 ml

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DARK PRO Base №16, 30 ml

DARK PRO Base - is a versatile camouflage base and suitable for any type of nail. Thanks to its liquid consistency, it allows you to quickly and easily align the irregularities on the surface of the nail. This base is an excellent option for nail service masters who are looking for an effective and convenient product to create the perfect manicure.

  Advantage of DARK products:

-     the formula DARK PRO base contains components that strengthen and nourish the nail plate, preventing its destruction and hulling;
-     has a smooth, uniform, close to the liquid texture, which allows it to be easily applied to the nail plate without any irregularities;
-     no sealing of the end face is required;
-     suitable for any nail as it creates an elastic coating;
-     has a moderate acid content in the composition;
-     creates an excellent grip with gel polish;
-     allows you to easily make fine and fast alignment of the nail plate;
-     suitable for masters with any level of training.



Application technology DARK:


    1. Shape the fingernails and treat the cuticle with a remover.
    2. Move the softened cuticle with an orange stick and remove with manicure scissors or wire cutters.
    3. Using a hairless napkin, clean the nail plate with a degreaser.
    4. Use the primer.
    5. Distribute DARK PRO base on the nail plate.
    6. Dry it in the lamp.
    7. Complete your manicure by applying gel polish and/or finish coating.
    8. Treat the skin with cuticle oil.

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