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Kodi Color Base Opal 04, 8 ml

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Kodi Color Base Opal 04, 8 ml

Color Base Gel Opal 04

Color Base Gel Opal 04 is a purple base color with opal shimmer.

Tenderness, sophistication, and maximum naturalness are precisely the effects that have made Kodi's color bases so popular with many customers.
And the ease of use, comfort in work, and thoughtfulness of the formula make Color base gel popular with masters. It is not surprising that recently a series of color bases was re-released in an updated format of 7 ml bottles.

At the same time, bases from Kodi have preserved the traditions of quality:
- they are easily applied and distributed with a brush 
- do not spread and do not create streaks
- quickly polymerize 
- have good resistance

The wide palette of shades for a variety of choices is also pleasing.
Lilac shade Opal 04 adds lightness to the image and emphasizes tenderness and fragility.

It is recommended to apply Color rubber base gel in 2 layers:
1. the first layer as thinly as possible, with rubbing movements;
2. the second layer is more dense.

Polymerization of each layer is 30-60 seconds in a Led lamp.

The base dries well even in a thick layer.
When used with a weakened nail plate, it is allowed to apply a thin layer of Rubber base gel under the colored base.

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