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Kodi Color Base Smoke, 8 ml

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Kodi Color Base Smoke, 8 ml

Kodi Color Base Smoke, 8 ml

color base in an elegant gray-lilac shade


This shade can be characterized as smoky, dusty, and enveloping.
Thanks to its versatility, the gray-lilac shade always becomes one of the most popular among customers.

Harmony color bases are intended for application as an independent coating and can be used as a basis for design.
They have high adhesion and thixotropic properties, are easy to work with, and dry perfectly even in a dense layer.
They have a sticky layer.

It is recommended to apply in 2 layers:
1. the first layer is applied as thinly as possible, using rubbing movements;
2. the second layer is more dense.

Polymerization of each layer is 30 seconds in a Led lamp, if necessary, the time can be increased to 60 seconds.

!!! When used with a weakened nail plate, it is allowed to apply a thin layer of Rubber base gel under the Harmony Fresh color base.

Color base gel Harmony is a collection of color bases from Kodi Professional, the palette of which is inspired by the harmony of natural beauty.
Cherry blossoms, elusive morning mist, summer thunderstorms, young fresh leaves - these natural majestic shades will be a true decoration of your hands and will help to reveal new facets of perception of the world.

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