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CND Shellac Viridian Veil 7,3 ml

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CND Shellac Viridian Veil 7,3 ml

CND Shellac is the original nail polish and the future of nail service. A real innovation in chip-free manicure, which also ensures long-term wear! Shellac applies like polish, peels off like polish, and can be gently removed in minutes. CND Shellac has revolutionized the industry, beauty professionals and clients trust the brand. Shellac is the original and unique Power Polish coating technology, there are no analogues and substitutes in gel polish that claim to be the same.

Common customer nail problems are virtually eliminated with the Shellac system. Drying time is less than a minute, and the mirror finish is resistant to chips, scratches and smudges. Nails are strengthened and improved in 14 days of lasting color. The Shellac System includes an ergonomic UV lamp that is calibrated to perfectly cure the Shellac System for the best results. For Shellac, use only genuine CND UV Lamp.

Shellac Key Features:

• Coating is UV cured. radiation, using UV3 technology. Applies like a polish, wears like a gel.
• Provides long lasting and uniform nail color.
• Offers a revolutionary new nail service.
• Provides 14-day wear.
• Hypoallergenic.

Instructions for use:

• Be sure to shake the Shellac bottle for at least 1 minute to make the mixture homogeneous.
• After applying Shellac UV Base Coat and curing, apply a thin, even layer of Color Coat on all 5 nails of one hand.
• Dry all 5 fingers in a CND UV lamp for 2 minutes.
• Repeat with other hand.
• Apply a second coat of color in the same way.
• Then apply Shellac UV Top Coat.

Ingredients and Benefits:

• 3-Free formula: free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate.
• Highly stable form of natural polymer.
• Cellulose used,highly resistant to discoloration.
• Monomer used to increase strength.
• Solvent used to mix all ingredients or dissolve color.
• Thickener and product stabilizer.

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