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Blaze GelLaxy Uni Top 15 ml

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Top Layer finish is the final step in BLAZE GelLaxy II gel coating technology. This top securely «seals» color coating, protecting it from chipping, scratching and peeling up to three weeks. Top Layer gives the nails a delightful shine, highlights the juiciness of the shades and prevents tarnishing of the cover. The maximum effect is achieved by using BLAZE GelLaxy II gel lacquers with the line. It does not contain formaldehyde, toluene and dipbutylphthalate. Method of application: After applying color gel varnish, cover the nails with Top Layer finish and place in a UV or LED lamp. The exposure time depends on the type, power and other characteristics of the lamp. For example, for 9 W LED lamp - 30-40 sec, for 36 W UV lamp - about 2 min. Then remove the sticky residue with BLAZE Wipe Off.

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