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Blaze GelLaxy II Top Layer 15 ml

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The combination of all the best qualities of gel and nail polish is gel nail polish. The main advantage of gel varnishes is their durability and environmental resistance. Without visible damage and loss of its color qualities, the gel varnish is able to last on nails for up to 2-3 weeks. When using the gel, the lacquer does not have the following problems: rolling and peeling, the appearance of cracks, long drying time, and color loss (always deep and intense color).


Application technology Blaze:


    1. Gel nails have high strength characteristics;

    2. Promotes natural nail recovery;

    3. Gel coating allows natural nail to breathe;

    4. Lacquer gel has the property of quickly drying;

    5. Gel nails become flexible, strong, so less break;

    6. Do not have a negative impact on human health, do not cause allergies;

    7. Extended nails with the help of nail polish gel improve the shape of the natural plate of the nail.

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