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Blaze UV Base Gel 15 ml

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Blaze UV Base Gel 15 ml

This liquid transparent gel ensures a firm grip of the design gel with a natural nail. Alternatively, the acid-free Blaze Eco Primer can be used as a primer.

Due to its natural texture, the gel system, which is used for nail extension, is in special demand. To date, the procedure of gel extension nails is carried out in three stages using several related materials. The first stage - preparation of natural nails (use of materials such as primers and bonds); the second stage - the procedure of applying the gel (giving the necessary shape); the third stage - at this stage, the extended nails gain strength and shine. Gel coatings are divided into three main types: Single-phase - for those who have weak and not strong natural nails; Two-phase - use with additional application of the finish layer; Three-phase - phased application of the gel layer. In Kharkov in the chain of shops «French» and in the online store French-shop.com.ua You can buy all the necessary materials for gel extension nails from the leading brands of the world (CND, EzFlow, Kodi) at affordable and current prices. All materials have appropriate quality certificates.

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