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Blaze Resin Base 15 ml

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The new gel base BLAZE Resin Base is designed for flattening the surface of the nail, filling waves, bumps and other defects. Resin Base creates a perfectly smooth base for applying color gel polish! In addition, this leveling base does not «escape» from the edges, so you can apply it not by conveyor method, but by covering four fingers at once. Easily soluble.

It is free of formaldehyde, toluene and dipbutyl phthalate.

Application method:

Prepare the surface of the nail (grind lightly, treat with BLAZE Nail Prep, then BLAZE Eco Primer) and apply one layer of the product.
Place in an LED or UV lamp. The exposure time depends on the type, power and other characteristics of the lamp. For example, for most LED lamps - 30-40 seconds, for 36 W UV lamps - about 2 minutes.
Do not remove the sticky residue after polymerization of the product.
For thin and brittle nails it is recommended to apply a standard base Base Layer and then a second layer - leveling base Resin Base.

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