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ART In Detail No Wipe No UV Top 10 ml

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ART Top No Wipe No UV Filters - top for gel varnish without sticky layer, without UV filters. The best choice for applying dark, red, neon shades to decorative coatings. The top does not contain UV filters, has crystal transparency, does not change and does not distort the color of gel varnish (does not blue). Provides reliable protection from mechanical effects, negative influence of external factors, contributes to the preservation of the overall aesthetics of decorative manicure.

Due to the absence of stickiness after polymerization, the top is ideal for use in various nyle designs, especially with the use of powder for grouting. When applied to the gel, it creates an incredibly spectacular "wet" gloss, which is retained until the manicure is removed. The top does not get yellow, does not fade, provides a fresh and beautiful look. This is a reliable quality finish, insuring against splinters, cracks, rebounds for up to three weeks. Easy to apply, no leak, no tightening.

Polymerization: 2 minutes in UV lamp or 30-60 seconds in LED.

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