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Apraise Tint for eyebrows and eyelashes, 20 ml

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Apraise Tint for eyebrows and eyelashes, 20 ml

The Apraise Color System is a professional salon level product based on a technology that combines the power of color pigment and beeswax. The paint has a rich creamy base, penetrates into the very structure of the hairs, providing a long-lasting beautiful radiant color from roots to tips. Thanks to the unique mixture of active ingredients, it is possible to obtain excellent coloring results, look natural and harmonious. Uniform coloration, intense shade with spectacular shine, durability up to 8 weeks - this is what you can count on with Apraise professional paints! The palette includes the most relevant and popular colors.

Apraise paint palette

  • Black 1 (Deep black) - rich black shade. Suitable for coloring eyelashes, can be added in a small amount to mixes for coloring eyebrows;

  • Gray 1.1 (Graphite) - a cool gray shade with a blue-green color nuance. In its pure form, it will work well for medium blond or dark blond clients with cold skin. Can be used as a corrector to neutralize warm tones;

  • Blue Black 2 (Blue black) - black color with a deep blue tint. Adds intense radiant color to lashes

  • Dark Brown 3 (Brown) - warm brown shade. Ideal for brown-haired women, brunettes and dark blond;

  • Light Brown 3.1 (Light brown) - warm light brown shade. Suitable for golden blonde with pronounced warm undertones to create the perfect light brown brow color.

Mode of application:

The dye is mixed with Apraise 3% oxidizer in a 1:1 ratio. Apply to the shape of the eyebrows for 10-15 minutes. The exposure time depends on the density and thickness of the hair, as well as on the desired color saturation.

Volume: 20 ml

Shelf life when unopened: 36 months
Shelf life after opening: 12 months

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