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Base Hybrid Antonio Damatti 10 ml

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Hybrid Base - used to strengthen brittle, woven, exhausted nails, especially those affected during the wearing of artificial coverings. Thanks to the content of vitamin E, the nail plate normalizes cell blood circulation, preventing brittle nails. 

Vitamin E stimulates the formation of elastin and collagen fibers, slows down the aging processes of tissues, protects against harmful effects on the nail plate. Also using this hybrid base with vitamins you will greatly facilitate the process of removing gel varnish, because it is easily dissolved by gel-varnish removal liquid.

The coating is polymerized in a UV lamp (36W) for 2-3 minutes, in an LED lamp - 20-30 seconds.



Application technology Antonio Damatti:


    1. Prepare the nails - shape them with a nail file, treat the surface of the nail plates with a buff, remove the cuticle with tips or a manicure cutter.

    2. Disinfect the nails and wipe them with a degreaser.

    3. Apply a thin layer of acid-free nail primer to enhance the resistance of the coating, let it dry.

    4. Apply the base for Acid Free Base gel polish from Komilfo, polymerize in UV lamp 2 minutes or in LED manicure lamp 30 seconds. 

    5. Cover the nails with colored gel varnish in 1-2 layers. Dry each layer separately in the manicure lamp.

    6. Apply the finish coating for ANTONIO DAMATTI Hybrid gel, polymerize in UV or LED lamp with the instructions on the bottle. Remove dispersion layer with clinser and hairless napkins.

    7. Apply cuticle oil on the skin around the nail plates.

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