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ADORE professional Matte Dots Top №02 - matte, 8 ml

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ADORE Professional Matte Dots Top №02

created to give variety to a monotone coating


Contains solid black particles of various sizes that lie flat without changing the thickness of the coating. Speeds up the process of creating a design.
It has a pleasant Silk Matte velvety effect. Gives noble coolness to shades, does not spread, and self-levels well. Recommended for covering reinforced or modeled nails.


Consistency: thick.
The rate of polymerization is average.
After polymerization: hard.
Contains a weak UV filter, and does not contain a sticky layer.


Application technology:
1. The last stage of the manicure is to apply DOTS TOP and distribute the particles according to the selected design
2. Polymerize in a UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, in an LED lamp for 1 minute
3. Allow the coating to cool completely

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