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ADORE professional Neon N-01 - orange, 7,5ml

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ADORE professional Neon N-01 - orange, 7,5ml

ADORE Professional Neon

High-quality neon gel polish of medium density has a saturated, dense pigment and does not require a white base 


Provides uniform coverage of the nail plate in one or two layers, does not flow into the sinuses, does not have a strong smell, and has an optimal polymerization speed in UV / LED lamps. Due to the convenient consistency and dense pigment, gel polish can also be used for designs. To preserve the saturation of neon shades and prevent burnout, neon gel polish should be covered with a top with UV filters RUBBER TOP/ STOP SCRATCH TOP.


Application technology:

0. Prepare the nail plate for applying gel polish
1. Defatting
2. Dehydration
3. Bonding
4. Base coat. To prevent color change during polymerization, we recommend removing the dispersion layer from the base before applying neon gel polishes.
5. Color: apply gel polish in 1-2 thin layers. Polymerize each layer in a UV lamp for at least 2 minutes, in an LED lamp for at least 30 seconds.
6. Top coat


! Neon color can temporarily change shade or become stained (fluorescence) under the influence of ultraviolet light. Provided that the technology of applying neon gel polish is followed, the color is restored after the material cools down.

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